We have a passion for great video content and the power of storytelling, and a insatiable drive to delight our customers.

Our work is interdisciplinary and collaborative. This means close collaboration as well as the ability to hold disparate ideas in one's head. We bring together years of expertise in machine learning, complex data-backed application development, data visualization, product design and prototyping, software engineering, data collection and quality, content curation and high-performance data infrastructure.

We are looking for ambitious, open-minded team members who can take responsibility for, and bring craft and polish to solving the following problems:

Data Science

Build the sensory engine that understands the essence of video content.

Balance research and established approaches. Develop solutions from first principles. The world tends to complicate things, and you have no problem being original and pragmatic. Obsess about data quality, as garbage in is garbage out. You are also a full stack scientist - which means you have many years of coding experience in Python, a very strong mathematical and statistical background and the ability to pick up anything. We are working across the frontiers of speech, sound, image and motion analysis - be ready to express your inner polymath.

Data Quality

Design systems that leverage humans and algorithms in an incredibly smart way.

High quality data is the rocket fuel that drives our sensory engine. You will be responsible for the systems that help us collect, curate and augment large amounts of data within video to enable machine learning. You will also work closely with designers, data scientists, content folk and software engineers to create systems that continually increase the quality of data. You have a background in software engineering, a passion for fueling algorithms to find insights, and ridiculous attention to detail. Design systems that leverage humans and algorithms in an incredibly smart way to increase the quality of data, and be everyone’s best friend in the process.


Support our search and machine learning infrastructure, enabling scale, low-latency and high reliability.

You are unafraid of building systems that will scale to petabytes (and then exabytes) of video, enabling fast access and search. You’ve compiled a linux kernel or two in your time, and are passionate and experienced about distributed file systems, databases and distributed logging. You are obsessed with 100% reliability. You have strong software engineering skills in Python and ANSI C, and your ingenuity can drive cost saving and smart usage of bandwidth as we scale. You will also support our machine learning infrastructure, and experience with CUDA and multi-GPU systems is a bonus. You will be our rock.

Software Engineering

Develop the systems that enable searching and indexing video at Petabyte (and Zettabyte) scale -- from algorithms to interfaces.

Make muse a reality, fast. You will be a software engineering generalist with a desire to work across the stack - from developing the front end of iOS or web applications, serving and processing video reliably, to backend systems for fast indexing and retrieval. You should be fluent in Python, and C and have considerable engineering experience working on large scale data-backed systems. You should have a passion for making things fast, with an astute intuition for the right tradeoffs between memory, computation and complexity. You will be deployed on many fronts, and you are really excited to work at the bleeding-edge of search and retrieval.


Elevate our user experience by finding top of the line content.

We are building a modern day broadcast network with the dual aim of “entertaining your brain” and providing inspiration and enlightenment to the world. Great content really elevates our user experience to the next level. We are looking for an editor supreme to scour the web for brilliant and inspiring content to point our crawlers to. And equally, know what to exclude. The video web just seems to make us dumber and lazier. Lets put the spark back into it! If you agree come and bring your passion and taste to this role. Remember those incredible documentaries, those inspiring talks, those intriguing exposes - factual, inspiring content, that leaves your brain craving more. Every time we learn something new we get a dopamine rush. With your skills we’ll make muse a modern day drug.


Lead the design and prototyping of interfaces for mobile devices, tablets and connected TV platforms.

Obsess about new ways of interacting with video, and discover the golden ratio between motion, images and typography. Uncover new territory, and bring a pioneering spirit. You are known for your ridiculous attention to detail and ability to keep art and science in the same brain. You are Leonardo Da Vinci. Reborn.