Today, we’re happy to announce has a new integration partnership with Traverse - “Courses that stick.”

Traverse provides a platform for course creators to build and store micro-lessons that help students learn faster and remember longer. Quickly organize content in mind maps or expand on topics with text, images, audio, and video, or reuse your existing content. Traverse keeps track of what's been learned so far as well, and helps your students connect the dots.

Traverse helps you make a lasting impact by providing science-backed learning techniques that your student will never forget. With personalized flashcard prompts, students retain information 289% longer and are engaged in the process for life!

Traverse’s integration partnership with helps course creators take their video lessons to new heights.

Instead of uploading course videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia,'s next-gen video hosting platform helps Traverse creators unlock incredible potential by indexing their videos based on words, sounds, actions. etc. and letting you (or your students) search in-video for those exact moments. No more scrubbing through videos to pinpoint the exact material you or your students want to surface.’s player is powerful, customizable, and lightweight, with up to 4K streams and Airplay/Chromecast support so students can watch on the TV. Enable auto-play, hide controls, and lock videos to your domain, or record your videos directly into, quickly trim it, and publish!

Traverse has enabled simple embedding right from their creator area.

Inside Traverse, it's simple

  • 1Press enter to create a new line.
  • 2Press the + button that appears in front of the line.
  • 3Then select the video option and paste a share link.

Our integration with Traverse is the first in a long line of upcoming integrations planned for the future. Our goal is to give course creators and their students a big productivity boost by making adding intelligent video hosting and powerful in-video search to learning platforms you already love and use, simpler.

Join others and step into the future of video. Get started