Machine Vision Engineer

Create models for understanding visual content.

We are looking for people with experience building machine learning models that perform image or motion analysis. Video search is after all mostly about finding objects, their properties, relations, and movements. The Machine Vision Engineer will be using our unique datasets to train various state-of-the-art models to extract everything we can see.

Sound Perception Engineer

Build models for analysing speech and other sounds.

It is easy to forget how important sound actually is when you’re overwhelmed with flashy sights, but try watching a film with the volume turned off! We understand the value of audio, so we are looking for someone with hands-on experience in signal processing or using machine learning to analyse audio data. The Sound Perception Engineer will build models for understanding speech and identifying other sounds of interest.

Distributed Systems Engineer

Design and build systems for processing petabytes of data.

We not only need to store large amounts of data, but also to be able to search it and retrieve the relevant content in a blink of an eye. We are looking for a Distributed Systems Engineer who is passionate about creating scalable and efficient solutions.

Interface Designer

Lead the design of minimalist interfaces.

We are looking for a visual designer, passionate about changing the way we interact with video, and keeps imagining new ways for search and discovery. The Interface Designer should be someone naturally creative, and with a special appreciation for information visualization and minimalism.

Don’t see your role here?

We are still interested in talking to you. Send us an e-mail to info@muse.ai with your CV and explain how you can help us shape the future of video.