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Video hosting

Affordable hosting,
next-gen platform

Store your videos on the most advanced platform on the web and benefit from AI-powered video search, easy embedding, private sharing, and a public channel to broadcast your content. next-gen video hosting on several devices 4K video with backup versions

Built to be secure

Multiple versions of your content are privately backed up in multiple locations to safeguard against any kind of data loss.

Low prices, no compromise

Get more value for less. Store your originals, automatically generated transcodes, backups, and indexed data in one simple plan. next-gen video hosting on two devices artificial intelligence video search

Auto-organize and search
your videos with AI

Our artificial intelligence analyzes your videos and automatically labels their content. Easily search and find people, words, objects, text, actions, sounds, and more inside your video collection.

Organize without restrictions with Deep Collections

Get the structure you need on the platform you deserve. Organize you videos in collections and sub-collections. next-gen video hosting on two devices

No constraints

The home for your video