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Inside Video

We understand video to help you
instantly find the moments you are looking for.
Play Watch your video from anywhere.
Organize Intuitively organize your collection.
People Discover and share your moments.
Magnifying Glass Find anything in your videos.

Discover your video

Dive into your videos and swiftly navigate through audio-visual content using intuitive and novel interfaces.

Gain control of your videos

Organize your video into collections and automatically create playlists that match your interests.

Customize to your needs

Our advanced tools allow you to add your own searchable terms with personal labels for persons, objects, speech, actions, and many more.

Made for watching

Watch your videos in our minimalistic interface across any device from anywhere, anytime. Easily cast to any screen using our AirPlay and Chromecast integrations.

Our machines see the world through video

We use state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to analyze and index on a myriad of dimensions.
Our computer vision analysis of video takes pixel values, recognizes patterns, and matches them with human concepts. Find and recognize objects. Find and read text inside of videos. Detect faces and learn new ones from your tags.
Sound is one of the most descriptive elements of video. It contains dialogue, sound events, background noise, and can even contain information about off-screen events. Convert speech to text. Detect distinct sound events.
Motion in video is the progression of images over time. We detect these changes and paths of movement to identify changes of scene and spot various actions. Spot and identify particular actions. Detect scenes and their boundaries.
We employ a hyper-dimensional concept map to relate, contextualize, and disambiguate what our AI finds in video, allowing it to interpret video in a natural way. Sense the emotion present in text. Relate and suggest similar concepts.

Be part of the future of video.
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