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The most advanced video navigation platform in the world.

Cloud Storage

The home for your video.
  • Host your videos at the lowest cost.
  • Access your videos from any device, anywhere.
  • Add videos to any webpage. (No coding experience required.)
  • Easily organize and create visually compelling collections.
  • Store full quality videos and download them anytime.
  • Watch anywhere or stream to any device using Chromecast or Airplay .


Make your content discoverable with our auto-labelling. Add a human touch with intuitive tools.
  • Make your content easier to find on all platforms and search-engines.
  • Create custom labels to suit your needs.
  • Label your video using intuitive and innovative interfaces.

Share & grow

Create open channels for the world to see your content, or private ones to share with friends and family.


Keep your video on a platform that respects you.
  • Ad-free video streaming.
  • No tracking.
  • Your personal data belongs to you.
  • Private by default - choose when to make your videos public.


  • Index past and future events’ videos with the click of a button.
  • Serve your video catalog on your own website, or create a channnel.
  • Empower your audience to search for anything inside your videos using our leading video search.
  • Embed videos on any page.
  • Store petabytes of video at a low cost.
  • Your videos are transcribed, analyzed, and indexed automatically.
  • Create custom labels for anything in your content.
  • Find any clip with our leading in-video search.
  • Deliver to consumers using our stylish player.
  • Embed your videos anywhere, or create a channel for your audience.
  • Store and organize lecture videos and video tutorials.
  • Your videos are automatically searchable by what’s being said, as well as text in slides.
  • Make a searchable video library available on your own website.
  • Embed videos on any page.
  • Store your memories forever.
  • Organize your home videos and footage from your travels in one place.
  • Search by people, speech, objects, text, and more.
  • Create collections and channels and share them with your friends and family.
  • Rediscover your memories.
  • Escape the chaos of cloud storage, devices and social networks, and gather all your video in one place.
  • Cut longer videos into short clips to share privately.
  • Recap the highlights of interviews and lectures with a simple search.
  • Create and maintain a searchable library of videos that inspire you.
  • Dive deeper into each video with our video information panels.


Empower your users Add our state-of-art video search to your website.
Share privately Share indivdual videos or full collections with anyone.
Add videos to any webpage No coding experience required.
Curate and tag content Easily retrieve the moments your looking for.


"I use muse to store and search all those precious moments of my kids' days, like their first walk, things they say, or family holidays." Jerry Long - Teacher
"I uploaded all my lectures and related videos to muse. Now I can just search for what I need to study and find in it instantly." Jessica Brown - Ph.D. Student
"Auto-labelling and in-video search revolutionize the way I manage digital assets - for myself and for clients." Brian Fox - Filmmaker
"In-video search changed the way I interact with video. Everything I see in a video becomes an entry point to another realm of relevant content." Dominic Rapp - Vlogger

Everything for as little as $5 a month.

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