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The Future of Video

The most complete video platform in the world.

Edit & label

Discover your video

Dive into your videos and swiftly navigate through audio-visual content using intuitive and novel interfaces.

Label, edit, and customize to your needs

Our advanced tools let you add your own searchable terms with custom labels for persons, objects, speech, actions, and many more.

Share your videos with the world

Create public channels for the world to see your content, or private ones to share with friends and family.

For the pro, and everyone else

Packing powerful features designed for everyone, muse.ai has something for you. Pro or not, you can use everything.

Empower your users by adding our state-of-art video search to your website. Elevate your brand with a powerful and elegant video experience. Add videos or collections to any webpage, with no coding experience. Curate and tag custom content for easy retrieval. Save time by separating signal from noise and going straight to what matters.
Search for any moments as you would describe them. Collect and organize your memories on a platform tailored for your video. Dive into your videos, rediscover your favorite memories and surface new ones. Create collections to share with friends and loved ones. Use our leading video analysis to quickly scan through lectures and focus on what matters.

Be part of the future of video.

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