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Save your team time and record clear, shareable videos of yourself, your screen, or both!

Open Recorder record your screen and camera for free
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No installation or extensions needed.


Share recordings with your team for efficient async communication.

Save time

Save time by replacing meetings, repetitive training and support with on single recording.

Automatic transcript

Your recordings are transcribed in the background, providing you with English subtitles and a transcript.

Perfect for remote teams

Easily record & share with your team, and search for seamless async communication.

Share privately & securely

Secure your recordings with password protection, expiring & and one-time links.

Search for anything

Let your team find the moment they are looking for with AI powered video search.

Download anytime

Download your recordings any time. record your screen and camera for free

Lights, camera, screen, record!


Simply choose between Camera, Screen or Screen + Camera


Review your recording in the browser, and make sure everything looks good.


Download and share the video file, or upload to and share a link. It's up to you!

Easily record your screen and webcam in HD for free from any device - Apple, iOS, Windows phones, computers and tablets. No downlad or plugin required.

Ideal for meetings, training, explainers, onboarding, presentations, gaming and more!

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