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sound detection
Identify Sounds

Find and categorize different sound types in video.

speech to text
Speech to Text

Recognise and transcribe speech within a video, or audio file.

text aligner
Align Speech

Align speech in any video or audio with an existing transcript.


detect colors
Detect Colors

Extract the colors from a video.

detect objects
Recognize Objects

Use computer vision to detect objects in any video or image.

read text
Detect Text

Detect and read text that is present in an image.

detect faces
Recognize Faces

Detect faces in video.


detect scenes
Detect Scenes

Detect and split a video into its separate scenes.

BETA detect actions
Recognize Actions

Use computer vision to detect and recognize actions.


detect concepts
Relate Concepts

Explore concepts and dive into related ones.

sense emotion
Sense Emotion

Detect how positive/negative a text is.