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We are crafting the future of video search

If a picture is worth a thousand words and video is literally made of thousands of images, it can be said that video is the fastest way to convey ideas. Most videos also include stereo audio that immerse the viewer in the recorded environment so deeply that it feels real.

Video allows us to relive moments and discover new ones. Video is also the closest technology we have to time traveling and teleportation, albeit only to a time and place where a camera is/was recording.

This combined with cheap and powerful cameras being incorporated in phones, cars, drones, ..., translates to video content growing at an accelerated pace. This is resulting in a vast quantity of digital data that no human could ever fully watch.

Our solution

By designing and engineering an Perceptual Artificial Intelligence that watches and indexes video content into human friendly concepts, we are enabling anyone to quickly navigate through vast amounts of audio-visual data and surface the moments of interest.

Our mission is to empower everyone to quickly recall and discover any video

Our team

What we are creating at muse.ai has a multiplicity of applications and truly extends the human ability to learn and discover new information at faster speeds. This ambitious endeavour is being brought to reality in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment where every employee is actively and measurably contributing to the team. We are self-driven, passionate, innovative, and take responsibility for crafting and polishing the best end-to-end solutions.

Want to join the team?

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