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Online courses
and education

Join thousands of educators and e-learning professionals who trust for their digital course needs. Easily create personalized and interactive learning experiences, while saving valuable time for your business. next-gen record videos video search

Instant answers for students

Our advanced video content search lets your students easily find video moments they're looking for. They can instantly find keywords in the transcript, text that appears on screen, and more.

AI Assistant

Forget tedious content writing for your videos. Our AI Assistant will help you write video descriptions, generate timestamped chapters, summarize, and more. next-gen video hosting on two devices organize content

Organize your content

Quickly find specific moments within transcripts, text, people, and more, categorize your content using our deep collections, and effortlessly organize videos into chapters.

Repurpose videos

Bringing your existing content to new life is as easy as selecting text in the transcript and clicking Save. cut and share

Time-saving tools

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