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June 19, 2021FutureArtificial Intelligence
What is Multimodal Universal Search Engine (MUSE)?
Of all the features you get with a account, the most unique is video search. The longer name for our search is Multimodal Universal Search Engine. It is a bit of a mouthful, but has some important advantages over other types of search.
July 8, 2021VideoBusiness
How to sell your videos online
With a global audience at your disposal, and increasingly better and cheaper tools available, more people are looking to monetize their knowledge, skills, and creativity online.
July 7, 2021VideoRecordScreen
How to record yourself or your screen
If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. With, you can quickly get your message across in a personal way by recording yourself or your screen. The best part? No downloads or extensions needed.
July 6, 2021VideoStreaming
Why transcode your videos?
In the modern web, with a growing number of different browsers, devices, and users plugging in with varying internet connections, the only way to ensure a consistent, buffer-free, high-quality streaming experience is with adaptive streaming.
July 5, 2021VideoTech
Transcoding and encoding — what is the difference?
Encoding and transcoding are often confused, due to how similar they sound. In fact, both are done for the same reason: reducing the size of the video, and making it work on more devices and on a wider range of internet connections.
June 22, 2021How to
How to transcribe your videos
Until came along, videos were a bit like information black-boxes. You could see their contents by watching the full duration, but finding specific moments was a slow, laborious process. Simply put, videos were not searchable or interactive.
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