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All-in-one video platform for the future of the web.

Powering video for

Your next-gen platform for everything video, 25 GB for $1

Everything you need in one place. Prepare your video for the modern web with our unique AI analysis and video search.

Video and audio hosting
  • Store original files.
  • Backups of all your data.
  • Geo-located data on servers around the globe.
  • Access from anywhere, on any device.
  • Navigate your videos with our unique video search.
Unlimited video and collection embeds
  • Responsive HTML5 player.
  • Customize the player with own logo.
  • Embed searchable collections on your website.
  • Restrict embeds to your own domains.
AI indexing and video search
  • Automatic AI indexing of your videos.
  • Search for words, people, objects, text, sounds, actions, and more.
  • Edit labels, and tag anything inside your videos.
  • Boost your SEO and discovery by truly indexing your video on its content.
Powerful player with adaptive streaming
  • 4K support.
  • Transcodes for buffer-free streaming.
  • Select the playback speed and quality.
  • Use auto-generated subtitles, or upload your own.
Share easily using templates
  • Share using pre-made templates.
  • Share privately with robust privacy settings and password protection.
  • See analytics such as view count, time watched, and engagement.
Teams and pro features
  • Add team members to your account.
  • Manage access with expiring, limited time links.
  • Manage access by geographical region.
  • Let others upload to your account using delegated uploads.
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Loved and trusted by millions worldwide.

See how other companies use everyday.
How Academia used to save $100K and publish 20K videos
How TACFIT used to create a custom video hub for its clients

Lights, camera, record!

Record yourself or your screen and share with anyone, no download or extension needed.
  • Start recording from your browser.
  • Your videos are automatically uploaded and ready to be shared.
  • Let your audience search the videos you share.
  • Add chapters to your recordings.
  • Download the transcript anytime.

Flexible storage, powerful features

The home for your video.
  • Store, share, search, make clips, and more, all from one place.
  • Access your videos from any device, anywhere.
  • Share privately with password protected videos.
  • Embed videos and collections anywhere. No coding experience required.
  • Easily organize and create private, unlisted, or public collections.
  • Store full quality videos and download them anytime.
  • Watch anywhere or stream to any device using Chromecast or Airplay . 4k adaptive player with an embed modal overlayed

Embedding, made easy

Embed videos anywhere on the web, no coding experience required. Our out-of-the-box solution works for people of any skill level.

Customize your player in the user interface, or dive into our API for even more flexibility.
and more.
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Customize with your brand

Look sharp and professional by adding your own logo to the player, and more.
  • Add custom logos.
  • Style the player and embedded collections to your liking.
  • Engage with your audience using custom call-to-action screens.
  • Link back to your website.
  • No video suggestions to distract from your content.
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Label & Edit

Make your content discoverable with our auto-labelling. Add a human touch with intuitive tools.
  • Edit automatic transcriptions and labels using simple interfaces. Auto-transcription
  • Make your content easier to find on search engines.
  • Create custom labels to suit your needs. Video labelling

Dive into the analytics

Track how your videos perform over time.
  • See how many unique viewers your videos get.
  • See which videos get the most engagement, and for how long they have been watched.
  • Track your bandwidth usage over time.

Share & grow

Create open channels for the world to see your content, or private ones to share in a safer way.

Ad-free & private by default

Keep your video on a platform that respects you.
  • Ad-free video streaming.
  • Your personal data belongs to you.
  • No tracking and selling of your personal data.
  • Private by default - You choose what is public.
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How you can use

Elon Musk speaking to an audience. His face and background text are highlighted with bounding boxes.
  • Index past and future events’ videos with the click of a button.
  • Serve your video catalog on your own website, or create a channnel.
  • Empower your audience to search for anything inside your videos using our leading video search.
  • Embed videos on any page.
Daniel Craig framed by two clapperboards. His face, his tie, and text in the clapperboards are highlighted with bounding boxes.
  • Navigate terabytes of raw footage using video search.
  • Your videos are transcribed, analyzed, and indexed automatically.
  • Create custom labels for anything in your content.
  • Find any clip with our leading in-video search.
  • Deliver to consumers using our stylish player.
  • Embed your videos anywhere, or create a channel for your audience.
Woman sitting on a chair typing on a laptop. There is an overlayed illustration representing a slide of a video lecture about thermodynamics.
  • Store and organize lecture videos and video tutorials.
  • Your videos are automatically searchable by what’s being said, as well as text in slides.
  • Make a searchable video library available on your own website.
  • Embed videos on any page.
Five children in party hats are gathered around a birthday cake with balloons in the background. Their faces, party cups and the cake are highlighted with bounding boxes
  • Store your memories for quick retrieval.
  • Organize your home videos and footage from your travels in one place.
  • Search by people, speech, objects, text, and more.
  • Create collections and channels and share them with your friends and family.
  • Rediscover your memories.
A woman is sitting on a couch with her laptop on her lap. There is an overlayed illustration of a paragraph she is listening too
  • Gather all your video in one place for quick retrieval.
  • Cut videos into clips to share privately or any social network.
  • Recap the highlights of interviews and/or lectures with a instantaneous search.
  • Create and maintain a searchable library of videos that inspire you.
  • Keep your video legacy organized and ready to recall at any moment from anywhere.

Advanced features for everyone

Empower your viewers Add our state-of-art video search to your website.
Share privately Share individual videos or full collections with anyone.
Add videos to any webpage No coding experience required.
Curate and tag content Easily retrieve the moments you're looking for.
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Feedback from our users

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Next-gen AI powered video platform.